A whole new way to preserve your documents. Forever.

The ATHENAEUM online archival solution makes it simple to store and search archives of any size. In real time. Available anywhere. Styled to match your organization or brand.



ATHENAEUM deliver fast, reliable access to archival documents!

Take a look at some of our currently-available features.

Cloud Reliability

ATHENAEUM hosts data in a redundant, always-available content delivery network (powered by Rackspace).

Solid Security

ATHENAEUM archives and databases are protected using secure encryption, ensuring that your documents are safe.

Simple Searches

ATHENAEUM allows for searching by collection, date range, and plain-text keyword search. It's easy to find what you're looking for.

Advanced Customization

You can make your ATHENAEUM site look exactly how you want it to -- your brand, your colors, your links, your taglines.

Powerful Extensibility

We can help you integrate that ATHENAEUM platform into existing websites and services, and connect directly to your SSO.

Constant Protection

We're monitoring and snapshotting our databases non-stop all day, every day. Your data and your documents are always safe.

Rapid Response

From the time your documents are indexed to the time your user completes their first search can take minutes! Our always-available, always-on frameworks are processing, indexing, and publishing documents in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Seamless Delivery

We preserve your documents exactly as they are. And then, using a complex, proprietary indexing framework, we extract every english-language word from your document and index and rank them to produce a near-real-time delivery framework that enables you to find every word in every document in an instant -- presented to the user exactly as the document appeared, whether it's two days or two centuries old.

Athenaeum. We're small, but mighty!

Some of our stats from the 2021 service year:

1.2 mil.

new documents indexed


unique search requests

2.45 mil.

documents delivered


We've partnered with the best!

Our frameworks and distribution network is rock solid. Built on technologies designed to scale as you do, and providing us with a rock-solid, always-available infrastructure.


SQL Server




Content Delivery

Documents already scanned? Start uploading now!

ATHENAEUM's sophisticated upload and index system allows you to upload PDFs directly from your browser and have the documents automatically indexed and keyword-searched. We crawl your PDFs to identify and index every word in the English language. In real time. While you wait.


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers to some of the most-commonly asked questions below.

Some of ATHENAEUM's earliest customers were libraries desparately in seach of a better way to handle the boxes and boxes full of old newspapers they were storing on microfiche. We partnered with several libraries to begin the process of converting their microfiche to digital, searchable content and ATHENAEUM was born.

But that's not all we do. The ATHENAEUM platform, at its core, is a high-speed digital index and natural word search engine. We scan and index any english-language content, taking archival PDFs, JPGs, or TIFFs of any kind and turning them into fully-searchable date-filterable online documents. Whether you're a library, a university, a legal firm, a historical society, or a publisher, ATHENAEUM can take your archives to the next level.

YES, you can.

The ATHENAEUM user interface is designed to be a 'white box' product. That means ATHENAEUM supports using your own custom domains, and has a fully customizable user experience. Want your own branding, colors, links, footers, and imagery? No problem. You even manage your UI directly from the ATHENAEUM admin console!

If your documents are still in print form (old magazines, newspapers, maps, photos, or documents), ATHENAEUM can help you digitize them. We take old source material and turn it into searchable, indexed PDF documents that can be viewed and searched (and loaded directly) in the ATHENAEUM engine.

If you've already digitized your archives, ATHENAEUM supports PDF images, TIFF images, PNG images and TIFF images, and can also handle Microsoft Office documents (Word and Excel). Whether or not your documents have been OCR'd (for optical character recognition), the ATHENAEUM framework will scan them, create indexes for them, and produce individual, viewable and searchable PDFs for direct upload into the ATHENAEUM framework.

You sure can!

ATHENAEUM supports multiple levels of privacy, including sites that are accessible only via a unique password, sites that are limited to an IP address or range of IPs (so that the content can be limited, for instance, to only being available from within your location or office), and ATHENAEUM supports integration with your own authentication systems (so that YOU can control what users have access).

ATHENAEUM groups documents according to 'collections' and 'libraries', and you can set and specify individual permissiona the collection AND library level.

ATHENAEUM's pricing structure is based on the amount of storage you're using for your collections and is designed to scale as your archives do. You don't pay for individual users or usage, and our basic storage packages are as low as $250 a year!

Most ATHENAEUM subscribers pay about $1000 a year for multiple documents spread across multiple collections, but to figure out what your collection will cost, simply contact us (you can use the Get It Now link in the header of this page!) and we'll provide you a pre-sales estimate based on your document count and collection complexity.